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2023, OctoberThe President's MessageOFlaherty, JasonPresident's Letter202310.pdf
2023, OctoberJupiter, King of the PlanetsNews, Syndicated202310.pdf
2023, OctoberMeeting MinutesClub Business202310.pdf
2023, OctoberSix Things to Know About NASA’s Asteroid- Exploring Psyche MissionNews, Syndicated202310.pdf
2023, OctoberNovember ObservingKvasnicka, JimArticle202310.pdf
2023, OctoberNASA’s Webb Captures an Ethereal View of NGC 346News, Syndicated202310.pdf
2023, OctoberPAC Board Meeting MinutesClub Business202310.pdf
2023, OctoberClub Offices and DutiesClub Business202310.pdf
2023, OctoberAstronomical League Double Star ChallengeNews, Syndicated202310.pdf
2023, OctoberHoot n' Howl Event at Spring Creek PrairieArticle202310.pdf
2023, OctoberARP60: The Mantrap Skies CatalogJohnson, RickArticle202310.pdf
2023, SeptemberWebb Discovers Methane, Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere of K2-18 bNews, Syndicated202309.pdf
2023, SeptemberARP59: The Mantrap Skies CatalogJohnson, RickArticle202309.pdf
2023, SeptemberClub Offices and DutiesClub Business202309.pdf
2023, SeptemberOctober ObservingKvasnicka, JimArticle202309.pdf
2023, SeptemberMeeting MinutesClub Business202309.pdf
2023, SeptemberAstrophotographySobotka, AmosAstrophotography202309.pdf
2023, SeptemberCracks in Ancient Martian Mud Surprise NASA’s Curiosity Rover TeamNews, Syndicated202309.pdf
2023, SeptemberHyde Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and Volunteer of the Year AwardArticle202309.pdf
2023, SeptemberFrom the Archives, September, 1983From the Archives202309.pdf